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Canada must confront settler society's past and present role in erasing Indigenous identities.
As a former volunteer, I believe a conversation about WE's voluntourism model and youth engagement practices is long overdue.
There's a lot to think about this holiday.
Canada’s West Coast province has an incredibly colonial name. But is it time to change it?
I wish I didn't have to experience that daily blast of mindless patriotism in a place ostensibly dedicated to learning.
Both groups have faced the interlinked forces of imperialism and genocide.
"They decided that two is better than one when it comes to Indian Affairs."
I have stopped existing in the binary my parents created for me: white people are bad, we're good, colonization happened, and then reclamation.
Who wants to be caught criticizing another fellow native artist publicly? It's practically forbidden; better we keep to criticizing the millions of non-natives appropriating our work than to engage in the equally taxing effort of questioning ourselves. The vacant work of some native art is so lacking I've felt ashamed for staying quiet.