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GDP growth

But that boom is already ending amid a new wave of COVID-19 cases.
With Canada’s economy in a “lengthy hibernation,” we can at least rule out more interest rate hikes for now.
New Brunswick, ranked in 2014 by the Conference Board of Canada as one of the worst provincial (GDP) performing economies in the world, can not seem to shake off decade-after-decade of economic mismanagement.
Canada: it's not quite the world's richest country. But it's up there. At US$50,230.80, the Great White North ranks high
In Canada, less than 20 per cent of small and medium businesses (SMBs) have an online retail presence. The reality is that many SMBs are so busy working to keep their businesses running that they have only ever given a brief thought to going online. It's a "nice-to-have," but not a "must-have."
Real estate just can't stop moving.
Hint: it's not in Alberta.
Some economists say a large deficit is just what's needed right now.
The absolute size of an economy does not portray the complete picture of a country. When a country has a large gross domestic product, it does not necessarily mean that its residents are rich. The country may have a significantly large population which will lead to low per capita income.
Robert F. Kennedy once said that a country's gross domestic product (GDP) measures “everything except that which makes life