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international women's day

A feminist is someone who believes that every human, regardless of gender, deserves dignity, access and rights
It took me 20 years to accept my body, after loathing it, fighting it and hiding it.
The platform's year in review also includes the World Cup and U.S. election.
Every single one of us has an important role to play in order to transform our society and move us closer to equality and justice.
I'm a single mom of two, a very proud immigrant to Canada and forever a curious entrepreneur at heart.
The radical roots of the holiday are rarely given the attention they warrant in modern mainstream feminist discourse.
Race. Culture. Violence. Poverty. If they continue to go unaddressed, gaps will persist not only between men and women, but also among women.
An International Women's Day gift to you.
Neither democracy nor progress for women can move forward if all the diverse faces of millions of women around the world are not included.
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