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Justin Trudeau

The party has said they will call on Zita Astravas and Elder Marques to testify in the coming days.
The military and Trudeau government have long pledged to take allegations of sexual misconduct seriously.
The shots are arriving months earlier than expected and more are coming in both April and May.
Once the pandemic is under control, Dominic LeBlanc says the federal government is willing to negotiate recurring health care transfers.
The Manitoba premier recounted the story at a news conference about health care.
The National Advisory Committee on Immunization said the interval between doses can be stretched to inoculate more people.
The U.S. has vaccinated 51 million people. Two million people have been vaccinated across Canada.
When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, the U.S. is winning.
A report is calling for a firm commitment from the PM, but opposition parties can still bring down the government on a confidence vote.
Canada was chastised for ignoring its own legal requirement for periodic reviews of the effectiveness of its whistleblower law.
About Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau is the 23rd prime minister of Canada. He was first elected federally in 2008 to represent the Quebec riding of Papineau. He became leader of the Liberal Party of Canada in 2013 and led the Grits to victory in the 2015 federal election. Born on Christmas Day 1971, he is the eldest son of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.