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What are anti-racism resources? Who was George Floyd? What is a microaggression?
Microaggressions are the casual snubs, insults and jokes that communicate a hidden message: you're different and you don't belong.
We often swallow the trauma and violence we deal with,  smiling and accepting it graciously with the goal of helping our children.
It can be tough to know how to respond when you're on the receiving end of a micro-aggression, especially when the culprit is someone you like or respect.
I grew up surrounded by friends and family members who looked like all of these races, but all I knew at three was that they were all Jamaican. When I'd visit from Canada and arrived at the airport in Kingston, Jamaica, we'd be picked up by my uncle who looked Chinese, go home to his kids who were mixed Chinese and black, get a visit from my cousin who was mostly white and then take a trip to see my dads side of the family who was pretty much all black.
These three, blonde, 20-somethings were dressed as cotton pickers and had painted their faces in the most offensive, unrealistic mud black I've ever seen. They said absolutely nothing, only smiled, mouth closed. Here before me, like never in my life, were three white people targeting us, the non-white people in the bar.