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Thinking in terms of attraction serves only to shield perpetrators and blame the victims.
When fascists believe a city and its police are on their side, they feel emboldened to act more aggressively.
My family gave me a strong sense of Indigeneity, but virtually no immersion in Black communities. Here's how I changed that.
From a young age, I was aware that there were some of us who had long, lean, desirable limbs, and some of us who did not.
The way I see it, my child is too young to have a fully developed identity.
If you've ever "liked" a pregnancy or gender reveal, you can look at this, too.
It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution to education, and it’s particularly ill suited for high-school kids.
Health providers repeatedly fall short of a gender-affirming model that helps kids thrive.
An international crime demands nothing short of an international intervention.
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