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A new ranking for 2020 puts the Great White North among the greatest countries on the planet after receiving high marks for
The Ukrainian plane is suspected to have crashed due to mechanical issues, according to Iranian state TV.
An international summit that dates back to 1975 is held every year to bring some of the world’s most advanced economies together with the goal of tackling major issues.
A travel website asked its followers to vote on the friendliest destinations in the world, and two Canadian hotspots cracked
"In case you forget what pathological lying looks like!"
We've rounded up some of the top Netflix shows/movies for foodies that will guarantee you hours of couch-side bliss. And because they are sure to get your stomach grumbling, we've paired each one with the perfect recipe for you to enjoy while you watch. Are you ready to dig in to our list?
Always on the go and up to a new and interesting project, David Ellefson -- legendary bassist and co-founding member of Megadeth -- has made a huge success out of his talents during a lifetime of work in the music industry.
Officials were about to honour him for 20 years of service when they realized no one had seen him.
There were supposed to be three bombers.
During the Summit, G20 leaders discussed urgent issues such the terrorist attacks in Paris. The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke about another crisis that isn't receiving much media attention -- global youth unemployment.